100% Increment Revenue

Aliya enables our bank and credit union partners to expand their lending population by 30% or more and create incremental, 30% ROE assets.

For Non-bank partners, Aliya is an E2E customer acquisition and “vendor finance” conduit that creates stickiness and increases revenue per customer.


Highly Scalable

Provide loans to existing customers that are otherwise ignored by the financial system. Leverage existing distribution channels results in virtually no customer acquisition or data cost.


Revolutionize Outdated Industries

Unique financial data and attributes, iterating algorithms and adaptive products, leads to the creation of more data that provide even greater insight and intelligence on consumers and businesses to drive adaptive product development.

What We Do


Aliya partners with companies to deepen relationships with their existing customers through advanced analytic sciences.

Without ever requiring possession of an individual's PII (personally identifying information), Aliya provides a solution through the provision of model and credit policy scoring, which generates personalized loan amounts and terms.