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Aliya is a financial technology company founded and fully funded by the industry's leading data scientists, risk managers, and financial innovators. Using machine learning and big data analytics, we enable banks and other financial institutions to create deeper, more profitable lending relationships with their existing underserved customers.



A 600 is not always a 600. Current credit scoring models are often outdated and inaccurate, falsely boxing in customers as non-prime when they can perform as near-prime/prime. These customers are often underserved by their financial institutions and must resort to payday lenders and other predatory marketplace lenders to find credit. 



Aliya is more than just a credit model. We’ve created a unique solution to push out pre-screened unsecured personal installment loan offers at market leading rates to those who need it most. Using sophisticated data analytics, we partner with financial institutions to help identify the 40% of their customer base that is classified as non-prime but that can perform as near-prime/prime.*



Our credit policy uses machine learning, proprietary Free Cashflow and NPV models, 150+ Advanced Decisioning Attributes (3x the scope of normal models), and individualized underwriting to create the most accurate, robust picture of credit risk possible. 

Our credit policy—which has been validated by a top 10 U.S. bank and their internal credit governance process and onsite regulator—has been proven to expand financial institutions’ lending population by 30% or more.*


*Based on analysis of generic sample of installment loans opened across all issuers between Jan ‘13 and Mar 13. Aliya proprietary data, obtained from data archive from Equifax. 

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