First and foremost, we are a company that cares. We care for our employees, our company culture and values, and perhaps most importantly, our impact on the community and world around us. That's why at Aliya, community is a core value around which we have built and carried out our mission: to improve the financial wellbeing of every hardworking American.

We believe that financial wellbeing is tied to physical and mental wellbeing, so we strive to help out in the community in numerous, diverse ways to foster a holistic health that starts in the individual and branches out in the larger community. Take a look at some of the organizations and projects we've gotten involved in:


FDIC's Alliance for Economic INclusion 

Aliya is a proud member of the FDIC's Alliance for Economic Inclusion, a national coalition of financial institutions, community-based organizations, and other partners devoted to improving the financial capability of consumers, especially those of low- to moderate-income, and moving them into the financial mainstream.

Aliya also partners with Financial Fitness Greater Austin's "Money Smart Week," an annual financial literacy campaign that brings financial education and awareness to the Greater Austin community. 

Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas 

Aliya employees may choose to undergo in-office training to become certified financial instructors with the Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas (FLCCT), a nonprofit that delivers sound money management information to adults and youth throughout the Central Texas community. 

Aliya financial instructors go on to teach in schools, public libraries, housing authorities, community-based organizations, and other locations around the community. 

Day of Service Events

Aliya employees participate in quarterly Day of Service events to get involved in the community hands on, whether that's cooking and serving meals at a community kitchen, cleaning up a natural reserve, or teaching kids financial literacy. 

Aliya also encourages its employees to volunteer their personal time to projects and nonprofits that they're interested in. Past organizations Aliyans have been involved in include Feed the Children, Central Texas Food Bank, Hope Alliance, and Inside Books Project.